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Reflections Upon Playing FIFA 18

After playing FIFA series for many years. imfifa has some thoughts on playing FIFA. While FIFA 18 is upcoming. Imfifa believes it will have similar gameplay experience with last FIFA generation.

Pass a ball stably. Do not be urgent to pass a ball forward, to press speed up a little less, and occasionally a strong pass. You will find the game in a much better rhythm.

When defending at sidewalks, please follow LT division with the other side of the line as often as possible. Usually, week match opponents like to use the McGee Di back to the inside, too much speed up will make the defense by RT unqualified. Maintain a 45 degrees with the other party, around one step in space, the other party is actually very uncomfortable.

In weekly game there are always many players deserting in face of a battle. If you do not insist on fighting back. Please shot as far as possible. The FIFA 17 generation has more bugs than FIFA 16. It doest not need SM run forward. Imfifa does not know what FIFA 18 will be.

Substitute is very important. Every game needs three people as substitutes. The contract is a small case, the results are big events. Speedy players like Marchall, MUSA, Giovinco are able to change the war situation to a large extent.

Unless you are very confident of your own gameplay. Rude players in a game have bad effect on week games. Imfifa thinks it is very poor, and usually 65 minutes later the opponent is very easy to go into repression. Imfifa suggests that forcing and robbing should be really not with too high tune.

In midfield defensing, please do not easily pull the back on the opponent. Or the opponent will be very happy.

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