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Real Madrid to win Fifa 15 contradiction in champions league

iMFifa.COM, Cheap Fifa 15 Coins, Real Madrid in the Fifa 15 champions league group stage first round match to a 5-1 victory over Basel team, make the team a sigh of relief. Fifa Coach carlo ancelotti after the match team in the game after the Derby defeat certainly made a "great response". Carlo ancelotti comments on the team's performance, said: "the first half we played very strong, the team has been closing down, looking for offensive opportunities. Although not all problems are solved, but I like the team's response today.

"He said, understanding the bernabeu fans because of the weekend Madrid Derby defeat and a collective gasp of:" the Derby spirit after all stretch tight tight is normal. I also was not used to lose two games at real Madrid. "But ancelotti also humorously said they" don't listen to your boos, listen to the fans sing the praises of ", "because I like to keep a positive attitude in life".

For real Madrid into the history of European war hero with the 1000th goal benzema was booed during the opening also become one of the objects, which he iMFifa.COM said: "the boos I don't have to go to, I will work hard to change people dissatisfied with my. "Meanwhile, midfielder cross is sure, in the league only two negative start after a win, the team finally through the victory to rebuild confidence: "the Fifa 15 champions league first round win is very important. This gives us confidence for the next game."

But such a seemingly perfect match is hard to cover up the real contradictions. When J lo break, no real Madrid players ran to him for congratulations. J after running more than ten meters in are lonely, ran to the front of Fifa Cristiano Ronaldo and hugged him. Two people hug, this also temporarily to quell talk of a rift about them but still shows that the adaptation of the J ronaldo at real Madrid is not so well.

And bear the game's performance once again shows that he is attacking the machine, if real Madrid must senior high price to buy a sword into a blunt knife, it can fuel discontent among players and coaches. Real Madrid 5-1 victory is the strength is not so good in the same group of Basel, so the win just to boost the morale of the team, let start to the season against Fifa Real Madrid back a bit of confidence. But if we say, Fifa Real Madrid to solve all the problems, also really hard to say.

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