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Real Madrid the Most Crazy Victory

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Real Madrid played crazy 9-1 victory, 71,000 fans to witness the miracle of a battle at the Bernabeu. C Ronaldo scored five goals in single round, writing a new chapter in his career. Benzema twice scores, Bell one score, J Ronaldo two assists returned, Bell two assists, Modric boss stage play, the most powerful Real Madrid is back!

In fact, in the entire 83-year history of the league, there are a total of only six people scoring 5 goals and a penalty-free in single-game: 1960 Martinez, 1961 Puskas, 1979 Crane Kerr, 1995 Bebeto, 2002 Morientes, 2015 C Ronaldo.

Ancelotti believes that Real Madrid takes 10-game winning streak to regain the top spot. 9-1 massacre of Granada, is the first step in the final sprint. With the best midfielder, Isco comeback next round, Real Madrid midfielder has a greater choice. BBC is still hot: C Ronaldo 36 balls, Benzema 15 balls, Bell 13 balls, three people together scored 64 goals! Such Madrid is in another four-time winner in 2014, the 22-game winning streak style.

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