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Real Madrid penalty than la liga 10 teams combined

Real Madrid in 2015, the first game, "the bat regiment" valencia. Galacticos without extend their 22-game win streak, in the case of a 1-0 lead, be of interest to the pylon di successively, eventually lost 1-2, winning streak stopped in 22 games, third defeat real Madrid in la liga this season, after real Madrid lost to real sociedad and atletico Madrid, respectively.

Barcelona first 82 seconds, in the face of the royal society of alba immodesty header from this season, the royal society, the lead after Barcelona a counter-offensive, coach enrique successively with messi with omar, still failed to achieve goals, Barcelona had to swallow the bitter loss. Real Madrid and Barcelona is Spain's top teams, both teams didn't win at the same time is rare, real Madrid and Barcelona last time on the same day lose, lost to rivals Barcelona is still a royal society at that time, score 1 to 2; Real Madrid is 2 to 3 defeat to real zaragoza.

Real Madrid away against valencia, match again harvest penalty, real Madrid won eight penalty in the league now, the data of more than 10 the sum total of the Spanish team! Cristiano ronaldo has become five league players scored from the penalty spot the most times, eight times. It is worth mentioning that real Madrid this season has 5 times on penalty break the deadlock, la liga.

Real Madrid in la liga is easy to get a penalty, they lead in the number of penalty, according to data at the mestalla stadium's penalty, is real Madrid this season in serie a harvest penalty 8, averaging 0.5 penalty, almost every two real Madrid have a penalty. Throughout the other Spanish team, in addition to malaga (5 penalty), la coruna (4 penalty), almost no other teams to get a penalty for more than three goals.

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