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Real Madrid offensive firepower in Europe

The current real Madrid has a "machine", the home 5-1 to destroy valle cano, for tomorrow the coaching real Madrid 500 - day anniversary gift. Nearly four rounds of league, real Madrid at home three times single-game scoring reached 5 +, although this is not a particularly brilliant game, but carlo ancelotti's side proved strong attack again, bell, ramos, cross, cristiano ronaldo and karim benzema five people each scored a goal, showing the "galacticos" of the universal nature.

Real Madrid start to the season 11 rounds of scored 41, is the most fierce team in la liga fire nearly 64 years, five goals almost become the Santiago bernabeu stadium's minimum consumption. Team owner cristiano ronaldo, 10 appearances, games, scoring 18 goals in total. Throughout Spain, scoring more than 18 only real Madrid, Barcelona, valencia, atletico Madrid four teams, and Lionel messi and his two people together is only 17 balls. In the history of real Madrid, has never been someone 10 consecutive league scoring, cristiano ronaldo again to rewrite the history club.

After two defeats in the league, barca slip out of top ranking, the away game against almeria, red and blue 2-1 win finally stopped. According to common sense, because will have the international break, the club will have a gap of nearly half a month, so Barcelona do not need to rotate to the squad, but enrique, way of doing things, however, one breath rotation five players, for the bench suarez and his all, the entire first half, Barcelona played in disarray, and has been advanced.

Fortunately, enrique omar and suarez error promptly, turning out, two people play immediately turn the tide, suarez, send out two assists in maldives and alba will take. After this reversal, suarez playing Barcelona winless spell on the dead, and Uruguay 4 appearances sent three assists, although is not scoring goals, but it is another way in Barcelona.

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