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Real Madrid nearly 11 league games in the third

Enter the real Madrid has been a slump in 2015 now to blow again. in la liga with real Madrid away 1-0 shock defeat at athletic bilbao, this is real Madrid in the last third defeat in 11 league games. Real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti said after the match, real Madrid the problem now is not defense, but the attack." We can't find offensive rhythm, before the last two games we only scores a goal, a penalty. This is we have to solve the problem, we lack of efficiency in the front."

Real Madrid's recent slide on the offensive end upon their star cristiano ronaldo highlights. Three shots all miss cristiano ronaldo, the game in the last eight games, ronaldo has four games without a foot shot on goal. Although the game sent out two key pass, but his teammates have failed to seize the opportunity. Cristiano ronaldo in the box in the second half was eli, put down, the referee refused to a penalty, and cristiano ronaldo then angry reaction also a miniature of the worried his mindset throughout the game. Is in the state of the world footballer of the year, wasn't good.

Cristiano ronaldo misfiring, real Madrid also slow down the pace of progress, this gave barca a perfect opportunity. After losing at real Madrid, messi first update status: "we can't lose!" In with the column carnot competition, Lionel messi, the commitments and teammates 6-1 victory over valle cano, Lionel messi has scored a hat-trick, absolutely no leave cristiano ronaldo and real Madrid have respect. After the match, messi not only help the team in the premiership over real Madrid, he himself also on the competition catches up cristiano ronaldo.

But so far only one point ahead of real Madrid, Barcelona two teams a points is not insurance, Barcelona and real Madrid will be held after the league second leg national Derby this season. So if Barcelona now began to celebrate, it's a little bit earlier. Only fight back such as real Madrid, now just to start drama to a real title.

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