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Real Madrid losing Lead dissatisfaction of C Ronaldo

At Fifa La Liga yet round, a 2-0 victory over real Madrid cordoba, but later in the second round of competition, the leading two goals of real Madrid 2-4 reversal by the royal society. From 2 to 0 to 2-4, the gap between let many real Madrid fans were unhappy. According to the U.S. on September 1, sports media, real Madrid after a great reversal, C Ronaldo were deeply disappointed, even suggested is to real Madrid this summer's transfer operation. Real Madrid this summer, successively introduced J, cross and nawaz. Hernandez buzzer to join too.

However, the addition of new signings and failed to have an immediate effect. In at real Madrid, C Ronaldo said he supported real Madrid President florentino, but the Portuguese striker said: "the President to sign the new signings, sell players if they are out of respect for club for the future development, that I respect his decision, but it seems a little bit counterproductive."Have to admit, real Madrid, introduced in the new season is full of "artists" players, but the new signings are clearly still need some time to adapt to the new owners.

C Ronaldo was getting angry, and not just because team loses, but also because of real Madrid in the summer departure of C Ronaldo's friends di maria, xabi alonso and young striker mora tower, they left midfield could lead to imbalances."I have my own ideas, but I can't come clean, otherwise, I will be tomorrow's headlines again. "C Ronaldo has said, "if I was in charge, I certainly don't struggle so."

There have analyzed said: "C Ronaldo everybody out of the ball for the first option is his, and when C Ronaldo is not, in their own way a few major Kings were."Statistics show that without ronaldo anchors of real Madrid lost 9 41 games, 22% loss rate is already high for real Madrid, so at least the current real Madrid also failed to get rid of C Ronaldo's dependence.

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