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Real Madrid home wins and levante on Imfifa

In west re-scheduled week 27 wheels, real Madrid, the only home 2-0 levante, end all competitions three games without a win in a row, still lag behind Barcelona 1 minute, the next round will with red directly against Chelsea. Bell scored twice to break the ball, cristiano ronaldo this ze horse shot in the post. Real Madrid with levante in la liga clash 19 games, real Madrid 16 wins and a draw 2 defeats occupy absolute advantage. At home, real Madrid 8 wins and 1 negative obvious advantages. The last time the two teams met, real Madrid 5-0 win away from home.

The game starts, iker casillas, cross were rested nawaz west yet three starts this season, ramos injury to start as pepe, luka modric since last November after starting for the first time; Continue to partner striker cristiano ronaldo, led by the BBC combination. Both sides for death of former real Madrid goalkeeper Antonio before Mr Walcott moment of silence. 4 minutes, luka modric, direct passing box bell and this jersey Ma Lianxu passing, C ronaldo, 10 meters right foot shot hit the left pillar!

18th minute real Madrid to break the deadlock, luka modric direct passing, benzema right-wing crosses, cristiano ronaldo is his stunning over-head strike wonderful lamy goal-line clearance, navarro headed clearance, 7 meters right foot shot end bell, real Madrid 1-0 lead!

40 minutes, modric free-kick it quickly, slip right back to Hal, 14 meters right foot volley from cristiano ronaldo, the ball hit the door bell feet slightly deflection into the net, after real Madrid 2-0 up! The goal eventually in bell account, cristiano ronaldo is in assists.

Easy side fight again in the second half, 84 minutes, marcelo direct passing, ronaldo, big box right foot, although the strength, but the Angle is too much, Mali, mourinho to swoop down easily. The 91th minute, marcelo crosses, bell elano, cristiano ronaldo's right foot shot 9 meters high.

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