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Real Madrid general or serious injuries sidelined for several days

Just four months time, Manchester united have more severe injury of 36 people, one to nine months of injuries, has seriously restricted the reds now record. In the recent international break period, Manchester united have three general injury, battle with Arsenal and real Madrid will soon Louis van gaal. The Netherlands and Latvia, robin van persie may what reassures Louis van gaal. But starting in blinder in just 20 minutes after the opening was substituted just because of a knee injury.

The blinder a sprained medial ligament, the estimate will be out for four to six weeks. It is a big blow for Manchester united, after DE gea and carrick was absent because of injury of the national team game, the two people are injured in training, haven't play needs to "repair". Injury in the blinder, statistics about Manchester united's injury list now, the total number of up to 10 people, including blinder, DE gea, Michael carrick, rojo, Raphael, ASHLEY young, phil Jones, falcao, Evans and Lin.

Blinder injury blow for united's defence will more big, the reds in the summer is already lose nemanja vidic and Rio Ferdinand and patrice evra three defence veteran, the new season at the heart of the defence has almost hurt a times, immediately faced Arsenal team, van gaal today must be a headache, Manchester united may be in a reserve team defence against old rivals.

Real Madrid this season now, the momentum is fierce, the flute and cross's partner is formed, the flute this injury is undoubtedly the major blow of real Madrid, while Israel now does well, but the two position is not the same, the flute of the defense or pass and there is currently no comparable ismail division.

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