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Real Madrid club World Cup victory in the final

Club World Cup semi-final in marrakech began the first battle, Mexico, the only real Madrid 4-0 blue cross, formal 21 wins in a row, tie the club World Cup single-game record goal difference. Ramos, benzema, bell, Israel's next city, ronaldo, 2 assists and iker casillas 2 consecutive saved a penalty. Both teams bench and varela khedira stele. Real Madrid last entry is the club World Cup (4), the first since 2000 to casablanca (13 years), create the club World Cup team record for the longest time interval (14 years).

Carlo ancelotti to discharge the first team, only the mace - rodriguez to injury, bell become the third take part in the club World Cup players of wales, captain iker casillas real Madrid formally 699 game, three of his club World Cup have a goal, the team only he and cristiano ronaldo (2008), the cross (2013) had club World Cup experience. Blue cross the club World Cup finals strive to become the first Mexican team, the team starts with an average age of 30, 232 days.

Real Madrid 15 minutes to take the lead! Free kick, and cross the right, ramos in front of the gate 4 meters header into the far corner, 1-0.

Real Madrid 36 minutes to expand advantages, slip right at Hal breakthrough the box bottom line comes back after pinto, benzema 6 meters in front of the door loose successful, 2-0.

Half-time for 5 minutes, the BBC combination teamed up to the next town, Mr Steals the ball, benzema left rib direct passing, cristiano ronaldo penalty area on the left side of the pass, after the bell range gate five meters into the near post, 3-0, bell first 3 consecutive scoring for real Madrid, cristiano ronaldo has become after tiago/bayern (Barcelona), second in the club World Cup players representing two different team assists on (Manchester united)/real Madrid.

Real Madrid to secure the 72th minute and cristiano ronaldo penalty area on the left side of the cycling for fool Martha rodriguez back, Mr Secco breakthrough sandwiched between two people in front of the gate 12 meters to promote the lower left corner, 4-0, he became a young Spanish goal 4 players on the club World Cup, after busquets, pedro and raul.Cristiano ronaldo played 53 different clubs, real Madrid in the face of blue cross and dinamo Zagreb is not only his opening goal.

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