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Real Madrid beat 15 game winning streak in team history to record level

Although in just after the champions league match, real Madrid is just depending on cristiano ronaldos goal with a 1-0 score 1-0 against Basel, but this victory, but let the coach carlo ancelotti tied after real Madrid kept by munoz and jose mourinho after winning streak, and because of it's goal, C ronaldo has scored 71 goals in champions league, with raul history tied for second, just create the champions league scoring record from Lionel messi also sent three goals.

Since the champions league group stage, the home after 5 to 1 victory over Basel, real Madrid open the floodgates, ushered in the record of 15 straight wins, including the Spanish 9 in a row, the champions league five wins and 1 king's cup victory. Real Madrid's 15 wins in a row, scored a total of 57 ball, lost 8 ball, only eight, to the almost data on extremely beautiful. In the face of such a real Madrid, even rival Basel on the praise.

Basel team coach paulo sousa says, "real Madrid have made historic achievements in cultural foundation, with the pursuit of the ideal, the strength of the squad and a lead toward the direction of the ideal coach for more than a season. The players have time to digest ancelotti coached method and tactical ideas. All this let the team have created a potential of The Times."

And the former real Madrid football department guidance balder, praised carlo ancelotti, "ancelotti work with wisdom, he let the team have the ability to create good atmosphere, where there is a problem, he will be able to find a solution to the problem immediately. For a player, it is very important to feel involved. In the current real Madrid, starting line-up is not closed, in addition to the four to six players, other players can enter the starting, or leave the starting."

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