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Real Madrid a ball games ahead of Liverpool

3-0 first win at Liverpool, real Madrid last round against Liverpool ended after three times against not scoring all negative embarrassing record. Real Madrid 13 times in the history of European wars against England team - 5-2, 6 and 14 times in the history of Liverpool's European against the Spanish team 7 4 flat 3. Aw roya rotation starting and navarre, bell fit into the bench. Liverpool rotation up to 7 people, Steven gerrard for the bench, sterling and balotelli, five new signings for starting.

2014-15 season in the champions league group stage 4 rounds of war, a war with focus in group B, the Spanish giants real Madrid home game 1-0 premier league giants Liverpool, with all four two rounds from their uefa champions league group B in advance. C Ronaldo's scoring record the end continuously. Benzema scored in the first-half goal. Bell in the second-half substitute, and a shot hit the crossbar. 45 minutes before the Liverpool didn't even finish a shot.

Real Madrid in the round in the 3-0 victory over Liverpool at anfield stadium, the current in the bernabeu still take advantage. "White legion" after the opening to create many chances, 26 minutes, marcelo cross from the left, benzema the box cut back. This is the French striker in the champions league this season and the fifth goal.

Cope with two weeks after the bell in the 61th minute for rodriguez. The welsh a shot hit the crossbar in the 70th minute. With the victory, real Madrid are in group B with 4 wins and 12 points from four games at the top, two rounds of qualification for qualification in advance.

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