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Real Madrid Will Renew Two Players

According to imfifa news, Real Madrid will renew Carvajal and Marcelo in June. The two players with Real Madrid's contract left 3 years, so Real Madrid hope to renew them to the end of June 2022.

Real Madrid this time regard renewal as the two players' praise. Real Madrid executives also realized that it is so lucky to have Carvajal and Marcelo two excellent side guards. Real Madrid will not only extend their contract time, but also will raise their salary.

This season is Marcelo's 11th season in Real Madrid, he has the opportunity to play in Real Madrid for 16 seasons. At present, he played for Real Madrid 395 games. Although the face of the competition of Danilo, Carvajal also locked Real Madrid main right back position, he has played 151 games for Real Madrid, while selected for the Spanish national team.

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