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Real Madrid Wants to Sign Aguero This Summer

According to the latest FIFA news from imfifa.co, Real Madrid this summer is going to bring Aguero to Real Madrid. Although Aguero recently just expressed his hope to end his career at Manchester City, and team's new coach Pep Guardiola will take charge of the team, it has been confirmed that Real Madrid will try to sign the Argentine in the summer.

The media pointed out that even coach Zidane has been trying to persuade President Florentino, hoping that he can understand the importance of this player to the team. As early as Aguero was Atletico player, Real Madrid president had hoped to sign him, but at that time has been blocked by Atletico management, and finally team president chose to give up the signing of Aguero.

Why does Real Madrid want to sign Aguero? Because of the following players restructuring plan, club hopes he with Lewandowski together can become the new attack combination next year. Actually, the plan is good, but it still needs measures to cope with different situations. In the end, if you want to buy cheap and fast FIFA coins, this site must be your best choice.