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Real Madrid Wants Next Martial

In recent years, Real Madrid introduced a lot of young talent players, Martin Odegaard, Marco Asensio are the most typical examples. According to www.imfifa.co, Real Madrid is now closely watching the 18-year-old Benfica midfielder Portuguese genius, Renato Sanches.

Facing Real Madrid and other wealthy clubs' coveting, Benfica quickly responded and raised Renato's contract buyout amount to 80 million euros. Such a high buyout price made people think about Martial.

The midfielder Renato is only 18 years old. He had his first show in the Champions League in Astana last year, and then caused a sensation in Portuguese. In addition to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Munich are all very interested in him.

It is said that Benfica had increased his buyout costs twice, from 30 million euros to 45 million euros, and then rose to 80 million euros. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins.