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Real Madrid Under Investigation for Pressuring the Referee

Daily Mirror reported that an assistant referee who is going to enforce the law of Spanish National Derby claimed that he is under pressure from Real Madrid. The Spanish police are currently investigating the case.

The linesman claimed that the chief referee informed him that he had been instructed to help Real Madrid in the cheap FIFA coins match. And when he refused this request, he received a threat which can destroy his career.

Last week, the linesman reported a case to the security authorities. Now the case is under investigation. The Spanish radio station leaked the member of the referees committee. His name is Jose Angel Jimenez Munoz de Morales. And the media says the man is responsible for the case. While Munoz de Morales said that he will not make any comment about that matter. He just heard this news recently and he will find out what happened. He can not say too much about this matter. Continue to focus on this case on http://www.imfifa.co/ with us.