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Real Madrid Stay Ahead

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has good communication with the head coach Rafa Benitez at a recent event. Florentino is quite satisfied with the team's current performance and gives his support to Benitez.

The club president hopes that Real Madrid can continue to maintain a leading score. As every Real Madrid fan, Florentino is also very worried about the team's the performance in the past weeks. Because Real Madrid faces strong teams and many important players get injured in the past two weeks. Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale have been injured in the past games.

This brings inconvenience to the team, but Florentino Perez is pleased with the present performance.Rafael Benitez is an excellent coach, he can make effective deployment according to the team's lineup, which is very important for the team. It can not only stimulate the potential of young players, but also allow older players to get proper rest.

For now, the team's status remains good, every player's goal is to win every game and win the championship finally. Let's look forward to their better performance on imfifa.co and you can find the cheapest FIFA coins here.