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Real Madrid Punished Aggressive Fans

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In earlier today, an event caused by three fans together occurred in Real Madrid sports city. The club announced the deal with the matter now as follows:

1. Real Madrid players club has identified the status of aggressive fans, one of whom is a member of Real Madrid.

2. The identity information of the member has been submitted to the club disciplinary committee. Because the circumstance is serious, the club has applied to cancel the membership immediately.

3. This afternoon, the club disciplinary committee has held an emergency meeting related. It was decided to discipline the member to carry out an investigation and to suspend all of its membership rights, including the right to enter the Bernabeu stadium and to use all club facilities.

4. Real Madrid trio has reported their identity to the national committee in charge of the local anti-violence-related work, to apply the penalties.

5. Real Madrid trio reserved the rights for the three to take further legal action.

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