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Real Madrid IFFHS World Best Team

International Federation of Football History & Statistics, IFFHS awarded the world's best team trophy to the club in 2014. C Ronaldo received the 2014 annual world top scorer and the league's top trophy top scorer, while Cross got the best Midfielder engine of the Year Award.

Before Real Madrid training on September 10, Real Madrid captain Ramos on behalf of the team, took the world's best team trophy from the IFFHS Vice-President Robert and executive committee member Sayed hands.

The interesting thing is that September 10 is just Ramos the 10th anniversary on behalf of Real Madrid debut. Real Madrid won the Champions League, World Club Cup, European Super Cup and the King's Cup four heavyweight trophies for 2014.

Real Madrid ranked first at a record of 381 points in IFFHS year-end rankings. It is reported that Real Madrid has gained IFFHS awards for seven consecutive years from www.imfifa.co. Finally, click our site if you want to buy the cheapest FIFA 16 coins.