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Real Madrid Barcelona asked FIFA investigation

After a period of low tide, Barcelona has recently by a wave of all competitions six straight back on their feet again. While in contrast, real Madrid in recent stumbling, it makes shape war between the two clubs become more suspense. Between the two teams outside competition is more intense than ever.

By FIFA's transfer ban make big barca finally began to fight back, the nou camp will be directed against the rivals real Madrid, asked FIFA must investigate the transfer of whether any irregularities. FIFA's transfer ban, worsen the relationship between Barcelona and real Madrid, the former think gigged himself to FIFA is the latter.

Said Jimenez, vice President of real Madrid, then the third is FIFA player state council member, he is likely to be in Barcelona as key to the transfer ban.Barcelona, tomei convinced that real Madrid is behind making bad dog, and has been submitted to FIFA file, hope to investigate more clubs, including real Madrid, of which the Milky Way battleship was listed in the first place, investigation is focused on signing young players abroad.

For Barcelona's counterattack, real Madrid appears to be ready, "said a spokesman for the bernabeu FIFA started on our investigation in six months ago, but they don't have any dissatisfaction with us. Of course, they didn't find any problem, the way we signed young players is in conformity with the provisions.

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