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Real Madrid 22 in a row after 3 in a row

Had team s best 22-game win streak, after the success, real Madrid welcomed a little undervalued, each game recently, galacticos suffered three defeats, especially in today's 1/8 king's cup final after the first leg 2-0 defeat to atletico, real Madrid lost into the top eight. After the 22-game win streak, real Madrid 3 in a row. And atletico Madrid are still in the role of real Madrid Nemesis, this season, the two sides have met four times, real Madrid 1 draw three defeats all.

It, ronaldo, iker casillas had no start, but has also kept cork, figure and atletico Madrid Zhu Jiji, at home, while atletico Madrid possession (18.1%) is far lower than the real Madrid (81.9%), but the home team still lost in hand-to-hand fight for good at real Madrid. A penalty goal, a set-piece goal, this is still the original atletico Madrid victory.

This season, atletico Madrid in the Spanish super cup, the Spanish league, real Madrid 3 three Spanish king's cup competitions game 4 win 1 draw and continue unbeaten for real Madrid. Especially the 2-0 victory, it is nearly real Madrid out of eight strong, last season, atletico Madrid defeated real Madrid in the king's cup two round, the merengues finally won, it, "sheets legion" completed the revenge of the defending champions.

This season, the two sides have met four times, real Madrid 1 negative all 3.Spanish super cup, atletico Madrid first away to a 1-1 draw against real Madrid, then home the trophy after a 1-0 win over rivals; Beating real Madrid in the league and atletico Madrid away 2-1; The king's cup, 2-0 victory over atletico Madrid, this is their last 15 years the biggest victory in Madrid Derby.On October 30, 1999, they had a 3-1 defeat real Madrid.

And real Madrid after brilliant 22-game win streak, usher in the undervalued, 3 in a row in the warm-up match, the league cup, and Sacramento Kings they successively defeat to AC milan and atletico Madrid and valencia. Early in the season the warm-up match, real Madrid have suffered three defeats, but in a friendly and full of continuous game, real Madrid 3 consecutive defeat for the first time in six years, they are on a run so embarrassed or 08-09 season, in the west currently sit 13 rounds - 15 rounds, real Madrid have 1-3 defeat to getafe, 3-4 defeat at sevilla and 2-0 defeat to Barcelona.

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