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Real Madrid 2 minute of barca 2 in a row

Spanish football league 2014/15 round 10 focus of a war in the camp nou, Barcelona 0 to 1 home defeat to celta, larry d scored the only goal. Lionel messi and his four degrees beams. Barcelona this season first home, give up top spot after losing streak.

Barcelona nearly eight league against celta have seven wins and a draw. Both sides league history between 96, 56-23-17 Barcelona have the upper hand, at 37-10-1, celta only guest league win Barcelona in 1941. Andres iniesta to injury, pique was abandoned, suarez continues to start at the nou camp for the first time and the race, alba, Kitty and lafite substituted in Virginia.

In the 32nd minute, omar breakthrough by Marlowe scrape stabbed, follow-up of Lionel messi after the ball shot, he would empty the line, the ball hit the crossbar. 47 minutes, alba area on the left side of the cross, omar within 8 yards squirt again hit the crossbar. Celta 55 minutes to break the deadlock, Enoch after got the ball forward heel pass, larry d 14 yards cut the lower right corner.

Barcelona's 72th minute miss, suarez passing, pedro box on the right side of a shot. The 80th minute, messi again 30 yards free-kick hit the crossbar. The 87th minute, suarez penalty area on the right side of cross, his face an empty net miss header.


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