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Real Madrid 16 streak to refresh the team record

2 to 1 beat sl mara, for the "galacticos" of real Madrid, is not worth too much to boast about.The white created the highest in the history of the club record of 16 in a row. After the game, coach carlo ancelotti and general bell and ramos, three per person in a group photo in the outstretched five fingers, thumbs up, coupled with carlo ancelotti left hand 16 games to play for the team made a best celebrations.

Goalkeeper iker casillas believes that the team is able to set a record, "is completely unthinkable". Because of the season has just started, they have lost to the royal society and back-to-back city rivals atletico Madrid. Real Madrid appears to be have, is a gray of the new season. But since then, they record straight wins in all competitions has been increased to 16. Winning streak, not only are now sending them to the top of la liga, but also let them smoothly into the champions league knockout.

Before this, real Madrid 15 straight wins record was created in 1960-1961 season, it has been 51 years. Mourinho during 2011-2012 season once tied up a record, but because of defeat to Barcelona in the "national Derby", not create a new history. Considering their next opponents within leah, celta, ludo goree, such as the team is not too strong, real Madrid is entirely possible to extend this record more. The distance to Barcelona in the 2005-2006 season 18 games in a row of record is not too far away.

Ronaldo, although there is no score in the game, but his two assists to help karim benzema and bear to complete the goal, also is the important reason for the team to win. After the game, he and Lionel messi, competition between neuer about golden globe again become the topic, and his teammate cristiano ronaldo to support.

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