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Real Bale is Back

C Ronaldo doesn't always stay in the left. During the last game, he mainly coordinated on the right. But he also gave many assists. Because C Ronaldo is willing to make sacrifices, Bale has also been released on the left. He ran quite fast, it seemed that the "step over" Bale is back.

Under the premise that Bale must play, letting him play the attacking midfielder is convenient for him to change positions with players on the left. It is helpful for him to develop the characteristics of good pass. When standing in the frontal position, the attack and defense transition let him speed. If the teammate has a good position, he can go to the penalty areas to prepare. If not, he can shoot from distance.

C Ronaldo stays within the left is actually to cut, but the success rate is not so high. So the differences for him to stay in the left, middle or right is not so big. Because C Ronaldo's main advantage is to grab points and offside. Imfifa is not sure if this is the idea of Benitez this season.

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