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Raul Is Also Happy for Barcelona

Recently, Raul accepted the interview from www.imfifa.co. The Bernabeu former Prince talked about his life after retirement, and exposed that he did not rule out the possibility of runnibg for Real Madrid president in the future.

Raul Gonzalez said he did not rule out the possiblity because Real Madrid's door had always been open for him and his relationship with the chairman of the club was also very good. He would not rule out any position in football, of course, including the position of the chairman. He knows that a good career as a player can not guarante a good coach, he must make preparations. Right now he is not going to take a coaching certificate but to take it slowly.

As the Real Madrid's former flag, Raul has no hostility to Barcelona. But he also thinks that the hostility in fact is helping the two clubs. If there were no real Madrid, Barcelona would not be such a success, and vice versa. The two clubs need each other. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins with the coupon 4IMFIFA.