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Rashford Suspended His Renewal

Imfifa reported that Manchester United striker Rashford suspended the renewal process with the club, he will consider his position after the end of the season. Rashford is dissatisfied with the lack of playing time.

Rashford did not want to leave Manchester United, but he thought he had some regression this season. Compared to eight balls in the last three months of last season, this season so far he only scored three Premier League goals. He also struggles for his position. As Ibrahimovic in the center position has excellent state, he was arranged to the sidewalk. Last month, Rashford started three consecutive games, but failed to seize the opportunities.

Last September, Manchester United provided a renewal contract for Rashford. Although the new contract doubled his weekly salary to  50,000 pounds, Rashford is not anxious to sign, he believes that his primary task is to prove that he should get more game time.

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