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Ramos break and Ronaldo scorpion tail savior Real Madrid

Spanish football league 2013-2013 season 36 rounds in a war of focus, real Madrid in the bernabeu against valencia. Real Madrid crazy attack failed to score in the first half, mathieu header for valencia opener, half home-country crowd, real Madrid 1-0 down temporarily. Ramos equalised in the second half, paley huo for valencia scored the second goal, cristiano ronaldo final will lock the score is 2 to 2. Real Madrid in the case of a game in hand behind the atletico Madrid five points, two points behind Barcelona.

The two teams met 157 times in the history of la liga, real Madrid 83-32-42, a dominant position in the loss of 290 goals in 290; At home, the galaxy warships 78 games 58 wins 11 flat and 181 goals, 72 goals conceded. While real Madrid in the last two league games are won, but in the last two home games of the face of the bat regiment, the merengues have draw with rivals. This season first round the hand in hand, real Madrid away win 3-2, di maria and cristiano ronaldo scored respectively, pia and mathieu equalised twice to help the bat regiment, Hector the last stage to beat.

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