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Prince ali is expected to attend the FIFA President election

The latest news is that Asia, vice President of FIFA, Jordan, prince ali has been persuaded FIFA President campaign. If the message get confirmed that he will become a third candidate, the two men is the incumbent President sepp blatter and French is nirvana.

If this is so, prince ali will lead to some interesting possibilities, he can get a lot of votes from Europe - uefa President michel platini did not participate in the campaign, but he will support sepp blatter's opponents. According to understand, in fact, the prince ali is considering whether to get the europeans to encourage, to replace blatter.

Prince ali also is expected to get the support of most of his compatriots josiah, although afc President, bahrain people salman's attitude. Prince ali can also expect him to get the support from North America, especially in the United States, has a strong background for impact to in North America and the Caribbean countries.

Prince ali as Asia is due to expire next year, vice President of FIFA, has said he will take part in the Asian football confederation of FIFA's executive committee election, but according to a few weeks ago in Paris of informal, prince ali do not prepare to participate in the Asian football confederation President election.

Nichols is Chile fa chairman, former FIFA in 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid committee chairman, he is also considering whether to participate in the campaign. If this is true, FIFA's general election in May next year will look more exciting than previously expected. Want to know more about, chairman of FIFA chose this aspect of the news and cheap Fifa Coins for sale from http://www.vipfifacoins.de/