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Prices Change According to Several Factors

Dear players, you have played FIFA serie game for a long time. So you must have noticed some changes about the price of players cards. Yes, we imfifa, a professional FIFA 18 Coins selling site, also have been collecting information on the prices.

We can use them to predict what is going to happen in FIFA 18. Prices on the FUT market vary according to several factors, like for example the type of card, the player or his real performance. What we're doing here is give you a general idea of the evolution in the average card’s price.
NIF Cards
The prices of NIF cards are not affected when IF2 cards or more recent versions are released.
IF Cards
There’s always a devaluation when a superior IF comes out. Percentually, the higher the IF version, the higher the decrease.
New IFs
The higher the version of the new IF, the bigger will be the price difference between this one and the old ones.