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Premier League team or being punished FIFA

Suffered two transfer window signings ban for Fifa Coins Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid who is a huge blow, but Barcelona had also been subjected to similar punishment. News from the British "Daily Telegraph" pointed out that some of the current Premier League teams signings might suffer the same ban, revealed the news that Real Madrid general manager Jesse - Angel - Sanchez.

In an interview with Spanish radio show interview, Sanchez revealed such a message, "I have contact with the Premier League club, I know such a message, at the moment this stage, disciplinary investigations already under way, I think FIFA for such things Investigation is limited, they can not do something like this together (injunction), but I think this is the whole of Europe will suffer the investigation, there must be a similar situation, would one by one (the ban). "

In an interview with radio station Onda Cero additional interview, Sanchez reiterated the view that, "because the working relationship, I keep in touch with a lot of  Premier League clubs, I know for a fact is that FIFA has started to investigate some of these clubs, I do not know if this has to discipline stage, but I think FIFA would do so in the world, I have this feeling that in the coming years, there will certainly be more such a situation. "

Hesse - Angel - Sanchez did not disclose which one Premier League club liable FIFA investigation, but Chelsea had actually suffered signings ban. At that time in August 2009, FIFA found Chelsea abetting because young players Kakuta terminate the contract issue Lens team violations, which prohibits the transfer to fifa 15 coins ios Chelsea in the next two seasons to buy new players, and Kakuta was suspended four months. Subsequently, Chelsea appealed to the international sports arbitration court, the appeal hopes to reduce or even abolish the punishment. Then, after a review, the sports arbitration court for FIFA lifted the ban signings Blues.