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Premier League More Difficult Than La Liga

In the new season, will Manchester United win the Premiership? Although it's a good chance, it also requires tough competition as Conte took over Chelsea, and Guardiola has made Manchester City even more powerful. But it's not easy for them this season, because the Premier League is definitely different.

First of all, the overall strength of the 20 teams is more balanced. Those small teams are more competitive than the other league teams. In England, no matter who the opponent is, they feel that they are sure to win.

Second, the Premier League is the real marathon competition. The intense schedule requires that every coach must rotate properly, and if there is no such experience, it is hard to deal with it. At this point, Guardiola and Conti have to face a lot of tests.

Third, there is no winter break in the Premier League. The next game is always coming soon, leaving you little time to analyze and consider the situation. In the first year, it would be very difficult for them. Will they win the title this season? By the way, buy FIFA Coins on www.imfifa.co.