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Portugal C Ronaldo and Messi Argentina are substituted at half time

A direct dialogue for the first time as a captain, Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo both pop failed to come up with a decent performance. Argentina and Portugal at old trafford in a friendly, Portugal 1-0 win, this is what they overcome the pampas eagle again after 42 years later. As the hottest properties in world football star, the Argentine Lionel messi and dialogue between the Portuguese cristiano ronaldo will attract the eyes of the world, each is this two people against their 27th directly.

On the previous record, messi with 12-7-7. As a captain in the game, for the first time face to face with the opponent's two people both relatively mediocre, they have no contribution to the goal, and was substituted at half-time. In the second half of game frequently interrupted by substitution and foul. Horner mulberry silva to represent Argentina national team for the first time.

After the game, almost all the Argentine media called the game was a disaster, think the team did not play a real level. Can say the race for very bad, the team failed to win in this year's final game, to know Portugal has more than 40 years didn't win the direct confrontation between the two countries. About messi and ronaldo, who was the stronger arguments from two people never stop after becoming famous, of course, there are many reasons for this, the broad masses of fans hope the next time you see cristiano ronaldo back here to have more playing time, offer more excellent performance.

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