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Poll from Imfifa that nearly three quarters of fans support resignation of Wenger

Imfifa recently did an opinion poll about how many people support the resignation of Wenger. In the opinion poll, we got a surprising result.

In 1996, joining in Arsenal, Wenger led the team to win 13 trophies, including three Premier League titles, five FA Cups and five Community Shield Cup. It is amazing in FIFA 15 history. However, in last season's FA Cup, it is his team to win the first title since nearly nine years, and with Manchester City and Chelsea becoming the champion of the most powerful competitors, and now Arsenal have been significantly disadvantaged. We imfifa, a FIFA 15 coins trade site, are worried about its future.

Since the 2004-05 season, the north London club never won in the league than the first three higher rankings, nor impressive performance of the past four seasons in the Champions League, they never enter over the final eight. We should know it is FIFA 15 age, so the situation is unsatisfying.

Premier League round 1-2 home defeat to Manchester United, Arsenal 15 points behind in FIFA 15, ranked eight away league leaders Chelsea, but after 12 games, and over the same period compared to last season, the Gunners took 11 minutes less.

Given the team's poor performance and poor performance, Wenger is currently suffering more and more pressure from FIFA 15 fans and media. In Goal.com poll, nearly three-quarters of the FIFA 15 fans think Wenger should leave off.

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