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Player Of Fifa 14 Carlos Vela

Possibly I didn't click using the formation, or the squad or what ever, but Vela felt a bit isolated. Usually players bring themselves pretty naturally into play however it felt at occasions that I was forcing the ball to him to view what he could do. It turns out that he can not do that a great deal.

He did not feel good for taking persons on, or beating them within a sprint and didn't really feel as nifty to move with as his stats would suggest. I did score a few long range efforts, but the conversion rate on shots from on or about the edge with the area was low general.

Holding the ball up somewhat and playing brief passes in to other player felt like his largest strength, which was not really what I wanted from him. I was, maybe incorrectly, expecting an explosive player that played a vital component in attacks, specifically as I usually favour the ideal side going forward, but it wasn't taking place. He did look pretty excellent at obtaining back and putting a tackle in, but going
forward I seldom located him in helpful positions. He feels like he'd be seriously risky inside the location, but it was hard to the ball to him in the proper places mainly because he could not carry the ball there himself and off the ball wasn't actually acquiring forward adequate.

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