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Play the transfer market to earn coins shortly

How to earn FIFA coins quickly in FIFA 18? Imfifa would like to share you tips on how and when to trade a player to earn FIFA coins.

The first way is to take advantage of inefficient pricing that some managers use to sell players. What you're looking for is a "buy immediately" price in the transfer market that is lower than the typical "buy now" price. To find this, simply highlight a player in the transfer market, click the "compare price" button to see their average "buy immediately" price.

For example, when I entered this number, I saw the price of the Chelsea Pedro's Buy Now price drop from 10,000 COINS to 5,200. It's an incredibly inefficient market, and you can take advantage of that.

What you want to do here is buy at 5,200, and then immediately increase to more hundreds of COINS - maybe 5500 to 5700. You're offering a much lower price than the average, which means you'll soon be able to buy a buyer, but you're still making a quick profit.

To make a lot of money from this method, you need to buy and transfer large Numbers of players simultaneously. But this is a surety way to get rich in FUT.

Play the transfer market at odd time trading. Everyone searches for the best prices at the best price at the weekend and after work or at school, so avoid these times.
The best deals are at noon (except for lunch) at peace day when most people are caught.

This decline in demand means you have more opportunities to catch your own trades. To help you stay at the top of the transfer market for a few hours, you can turn to the FIFA 18 web application for help when you may leave your console.

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