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Pioli Was Dismissed by Inter Milan

Inter Milan officially announced the dismissal of coach Pioli. Their recent performance was poor, and have seven games without wins. Ultimately he was fired in the case of three rounds game left.

Pioli took over Inter Milan from Dutch coach Frank De Boer in November last year. After taking office he led the team good results, once they won 9 straight winnings. But the second half of the season, their state got worsened. Nearly seven rounds game they got no win, not only away from the Champions League qualification, even the European Cup qualification is only theoretically possible. In the 27 games coached by Pioli, Inter Milan won a total of 14 wins, 3 draws and 10 losses.

After laying off Pioli, Inter Milan will pick their new coach in the summer. According to imfifa news, they are interested in inviting Conte and Atletico coach as their next season's head coach.

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