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Pato Returning to AC Milan

Seems like Pato is going to return to AC Milan, but it's not now. According to www.imfifa.co, Pato is likely to return to AC Milan after loaned to Chelsea for half a season.

Although Pato once had rumos with AC Milan, Fiorentina and other Serie A teams, now, the closest team to him is the Premier League Chelsea. Earlier it was said that Pato had completed his routine physical examination before joining Chelsea on late Wednesday. 

However, the latest news said that Chelsea had not reached an agreement with Corinthians on Pato's rental fee. The deal has not been completed yet. However, it might just a time problem.

After the end of a six-month lease, Pato is likely to return to AC Milan as AC Milan has been preparing an offer for Pato in the summer to bring back the former Golden Boy. At last, click here to buy cheap FIFA coins with the coupon code 4IMFIFA.