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Part Two Nine Things You Need to Know Before Starting FIFA 18

We imfifa has talked about three things you need to know before starting FIFA 18. Continuing part one, we are to share you three more things you need to know.

Net loss
One of the strangest improvements in FIFA this year is due to a high degree of Internet tension, which is slow when you reach your goals. However, the network can be changed in game Settings. Just go to the visual label and change the net strain to "loose". It's not a big step forward, but if it's not as good as it used to be, then it's going to be satisfying.

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No touch dribbling
To be honest, FIFA 17 is a very useless supplement without any touch dribbling. However, this year, in control of the ball, turns and rotation options have been reduced and mapped to R1 / RB. It not only does mean that this time it is really good, the placement of the button means that the shoulder drop can be combined with a quick sprint to kill the defender. In dribbling skills, you will have chance to  have Messi all the time.

FIFA trainers are your friends
Whether you are a new FIFA player or a keen memory of FIFA 98, the FIFA trainer will help all the contestants this year. What started as a very basic tutorial option now has options to see where your pass should go (by using dotted lines). Find out why your game isn't working and you're constantly being intercepted, which can be a very valuable tool and can even be used in instant replay.

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