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Part One Previously on The Journey

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Alex Hunter's grandfather Jim was England's football legend. But Alex's father, Harold, was a common player. Perhaps under the pressure from Jim, Harold had a bad temper and treated Alex badly. Finally Harold chose to divorce from his mother, Cathrine and set up a new family in the United States.

With the support of Mother Cathrine and Grandpa Jim, Alex successfully entered the youth team and played on behalf of the England Youth. After becoming a professional player, Alex first attempt to team's fierce competition and his contradictions with old friend Gareth was intensified. Fortunately, with the help of mother, grandfather, agent Michael and new friend Danny, Alex came out of the woods and became England's well-known football star.

At the same time, Harold, who has now become a major league scout, paid special regard to Alex. Harold wants to fix his relationship with his son. But as Harold has abandoned him, Alex completely disowned his father Harold.

Plot: Alex in this vacation with Danny came to Rio. Alex hope to be here to experience the local street football atmosphere. Here is street where Pele, Ronaldinho, Carlos, Neymar began to learn to play football.

They met a group of children in a small stadium. The children knew that Alex was far away in the West, but did not know Danny, which made Danny feel a sense of loss.The kids invited Alex and Danny to play. The two sides immediately carried out a street football match.

Step1. Originally imfifa thought XBOX 360 / PS3 era of "FIFA street football" will be inserted into FIFA 18. It is not true, that is 3V3 small game. Since FIFA 16 there were small game training, but the training generally uses A key as a shot. But street race is a normal B key to fight the door.

Do not look down upon this small field game. In fact this site we are accustomed to 5V5 with large space. Defensive work will be handed over to Danny. This game is equivalent to a training session, winning or losing is not big a problem.