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Paris Captains Mourn Collision Victims

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Helicopter collision occurred in Argentina on March 9, which are shooting outdoor survival reality show. Two aircraft collision incident led to 10 people killed, including eight Frenches. Three of the eight Frenches are world champions. To mourn this tragedy, French club Paris Saint-Germain will wrap the crape around the arm in Wednesday night's Champions League.

Paris will be away against Chelsea on Wednesday night. Before the game the club said the players will arm wrapped around crape mourning the dead in the collision. The victims of the collision included 25-year-old Olympic swimming champion Kamiya Muffat and boxing champion Wasidini.

Team said: "We deeply mourn for the dead, which is the French sports disaster. Players will wear black armbands expressing respect and remembrance for the dead." The collision occurred in the Argentine La Rioja province, two aircraft collided and crashed during the takeoff.

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