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Pakistan A giants appealed to FIFA

Chinese private access to the player's club of Fifa Coins recent behavior has aroused strong dissatisfaction over Pakistan A club, Judson, Renato - Augusto, Ralph et Corinthians players are being Chinese club to pay termination fee of way forced poached, Pakistan A champion lost over the main players. According to the Brazilian media "uol.com.br" reported, this transfer window has not been forced to poach players China Club Pakistan A wealthy Sao Paulo rainy day, they sent a letter to FIFA, FIFA requested stop this illegal Chinese club behavior.

In a related report mentioned, Chinese club to lure Brazilian players, which led to some of the main players of Corinthians poached, Sao Paulo soccer club decided to seek international support to prevent this from happening in the Sao Paulo club. Sao Paulo have realized super Hebei Huaxia happy for Paul - Enrique - Gansel interest, Sao Paulo's legal department sent a letter to FIFA, the purpose is to stop other clubs to lure players.

Chairman Carlos in Sao Paulo - Augusto opinion, Chinese private access to club players in violation of the relevant provisions of the FIFA, he said: "If you try to take one of our players, but do not talk to the club, that This is the lure, so the law is FIFA regulations. We do not just watch, we decided to take action. Chinese people Corinthians done is such behavior. No one (for such violations behavior) to take measures, Corinthians did not take measures, others do not. "

However, FIFA's legal experts Marcos - Motta thought to want to put an end to such violations of FIFA's Chinese club, you have to come up with the necessary evidence. In this regard, he admits: "FIFA legal provisions in this regard is very clear that if a club to sign a contract in the body of the player, then the player belongs to let the club know that it is possible (. FIFA) protest, but you have to get the evidence in this regard. "

Chinese club contacted the player's behavior is not private, has only recently begun, but before fifa 15 coins ios the club did not take substantive action against such behavior. In the transfer period, 2015 Pakistan A league title last season, Corinthians nearly half of the main players were poached Chinese club, and these transfer transaction are not reached through normal negotiations, but a way to cover the termination fee was forced to strip go.