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Pakistan A champion appealed FIFA

Chinese football ushered in unprecedented opportunities for Fifa Coins development, many clubs dishing out generous, a huge sum to pound the other side of Brazilian football. When the Brazilian club bosses recently described in mood in the local media with the famous Brazilian reporter Lawrence two words "hope" and a "nightmare." "Hope" because the Brazilian club general economic downturn, China can bring huge amounts of money to buy the team meet their urgent needs, and the "nightmare" refers to buying some of this madness, such as Pakistan A champion Corinthians club boss faces lineup is dangerous to buy a light.

In an interview with Brazil, a local private television interview, the Corinthians club president Andrade tearful, she said:. "We have to fight it the Copa Libertadores, but now the team lineup is almost falling apart of the Chinese people check this for our players is too tempting, and we do not reject the transaction, the key to moderation, do not always staring at us a buy ah! Brazil there are so many clubs do, you can go elsewhere and see it! Fans I've been asked, why a fraction of the effort, the main team they all went to the other side of the Earth. How do I explain to the fans ah? forced to, I appealed to FIFA, we hope to help solve the current difficulties. As a Pakistan A championship, we have to be responsible for the management team, but more fans want to be responsible. "

With Corinthians as well as Sao Paulo frightened, Santos and other giants. In order to fifa 15 coins ios prevent misfortune befell his club Sao Paulo and Corinthians decided to seek asylum along with FIFA, to avoid Corinthians type of thing from happening again.