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One Lucky Player Obtain Brazilian Ronaldo For 1.38M FIFA Coins

You can use all the players to create your dream team in FIFA Ultimate Team . There are many players out there who can be purchased with a few thousand coins but there are others who are nearly impossible to purchase or pack. The game has made it a bit easier to earn packs or trade in cards so you can find a better player. But there are still some cards that are pretty much like winning the lottery.

Most of the expensive cards are legends, which are usually available for millions of coins on the Market. But there is one card in particular that is nearly impossible to find, even if you have all the coins in the world. That card is Ronaldo Nazario, who was the top guy in the sport before others such as Messi and the Portuguese Ronaldo arrived to the scene.

Ronaldo's card can be used on loan in FIFA 19 but that only lasts a few games. His legendary card is extremely rare, so rare that it usually sells for over ten million coins. His Prime Icon Moments Card has great stats all around, including five star skills and weak foot.

The card, when someone decides to sell it in the Market, usually goes for an insane amount of coins. But one lucky player managed to buy him for 1.38 million FIFA coins. That is an insane amount of coins but it's a steal considering that the card can cost as high as 15 million coins.

One guy  tweeted about the purchase and showed the picture of the transfer and its price. His tweet also saw the response of the guy who appears to be the previous owner. In his tweet, he shows his TV screen with the transaction and the FIFA 19 coins , he has received for the card. We don't know why he did such thing but one lucky player is now probably scoring on everybody with his new Ronaldo card.