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The Spanish Barcelona star within ribeiro omar's agent has revealed that the maldives or will sign a new contract with Barcelona through 2020. After last season's run-in, his performance is very good this season, becoming one of the most important aspects of the Barcelona offensive firepower. After the media disclosure, Barcelona is working with a new generation of "pop" in Brazil regarding the contract.

In Brazil as his agent, Wagner ribeiro has attended the institute named after omar within established ceremony. When talking about the recent contract talk, he said: "Barcelona want to sign a new contract. Of course, yes, to extend to 2020. And the salary is a dramatic rise in or. Joining Barcelona in 2013, his contract with the team has signed until 2018."

His joining Barcelona in the summer of 2013 signed a five-year contract with the team, the team more than a year of time, Brazil captain with his super impressed by the strength of the Barcelona fans. While messi Barcelona team heyday, but in the age of 22, omar is Barcelona's future. Inside the stadium, omar 18 war scoring 14 goals this season, he has a quick into the team system.

But outside the stadium, Barcelona have trouble. In the introduction of omar, Barcelona in addition to pay a 57.1 million euro transfer fee, back to his father's N&N company 40 million euros, N&N with omar part ownership in the company. Omar agent ribeiro is on his contract of Barcelona players confirmed: "Barcelona, of course, want to and his contract." Ribeiro added between Barcelona and omar member within is very close to the contract agreement.

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