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Not Selling Aubameyang for Even 100 Million Euros

Dortmund has been in good condition this season and the second position is very stable, although it is still eight points behind Bayern Munich. In the secure situation, they have more confidence in keepng people. Dortmund CEO said in an interview from www.imfifa.co that they would not sell Aubameyang just because the high offer.

Earlier, the German legend Lothar Matthaus said Premier League club may pay more than 100 million euros to buy Aubameyang. Talking about this issue, Watzke said seriously that even if there was a quotation of over 1 billion euros, there was nothing to do with them. In other words, they would not sell Aubameyang. Borussia Dortmund striker's contract with club will expire in 2020 , but his transfer rumors are frequently reported, Barcelona, Arsenal and Paris are the object of gossip.

When talking about whether it could be possible to join Paris St Germain, Aubameyang said that going to Paris might be an option for last year, but not now. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins.