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Neymar Is in Trouble

Messi has just attended the hearing of the Spanish National Court and the final result has not been announced, while Neymar's case of  contract frauding is also about to hold a court. According to www.imfifa.co, prosecutors believes Neymar is guilty and hopes the court to sentence the Brazilian striker 2 years in prison.

For this trial, all parties involved in contract fraud must be present. In addition to Neymar himself, there are the Brazilian striker's parents, the current Barcelona president Bartomeu, the former president Roselle, Santos representative and DIS representative.

FC Barcelona still announced that Neymar's transfer fee was 57.1 million euros, but the prosecution said that the real costs may be at least 83.371 million euros. What's more, Barcelona had also privately given Neymar and his father a lot of signing bonus, resulting in the interest of DIS and Santos being impaired.

In addition, Barcelona had paid Neymar tens of millions of euros transfer deposit when he was still playing in Santos, but that part of the cost had not been calculated in the Barcelona official transfer project. Seems like they want to save money too. By the way, click here to get FIFA 16 Coins.