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Neymar 14 games 15 goals over Messi and C Ronaldo

Home-country crowd, Austria, Brazil's national team has finished this year's event. Within 2014 years, the maldives for the selecao scored 15 goals, created a personal career goal record, but the figure than Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo this year's international goal combined. The two friendlies before, his crazy into 6 balls, hot state. But in front of the Austrian defensive toughness, more choices for Brazilian teammate passing, his whole had one shot, first free-kick hit the wall.

Although performance than the previous two wars, there are still bright spots: but his 50th minute, he in the penalty area 1 person face Austria five defensive player, still can easy ball turned, opponents were forced to kick him down from behind to break the ball.Although the referee didn't blow the penalty kick, but slow motion replay, according to the other party does have a violation of his actions. Until the 92th minute, dunga to omar substituted, and substitution intention is very obvious: the delay time, to ensure the 2-1 victory.

Omar, the importance of to Brazil in deng and open more pervasive. Iron omar handsome though hammered with language, but I still give it the captain's armband. Romario also talked about this problem, praised his will surpass Barcelona team-mate Lionel messi: "he has all of the factors become stronger than messi. Messi is already a part of history, while the Ma Erneng more influential. Messi can no longer take part in the next World Cup and the title, but his can also take part in three or four times."

In fact, single wheel's goal in the national team this year, in the maldives is slightly above Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo. Tonight is not war, Portugal, messi 13 times this year for my country scored 8 goals, ronaldo's transcript is eight games five goals, two people together only 13 goals, it is not within the maldives.

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