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Newly Bundesliga Official Account Promoted Advertising Sent to Fent for Assistant

The most majority of IMFIFA fans believe that professional football is often able to bring good returns. It is impossible that they will worry about housing. However, the life of many players and coaches in small teams is actually not luxury as everyone thought it was. This season Bundesliga newly promoted assistant coach bruit Paderborn is facing renters trouble because the child was born. Fortunately, the club published rent-seeking ads for Bruit by facebook official account. Now this problem had been solved.

Club official account also announced Bruit personal mailbox so that people can have the listings to get in touch with him directly. The club's official account of the practice of comparative advertising is wonderful, while the results achieved are very good. Some fans praised: "What a nice club! Although I am Dortmund fans, but now I also support Paderborn."

Of course, someone can provide a nice house to rent for Bruit. "I know there is a house about 92 meters." "We can rent a house on the first floor, 90 square meters, and there is a small garden in a quiet residential area. "I believe with the club's official account sending advertising to help, Bruit soon be able to find a desirable house.

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