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Newly Added Feature in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is coming nearer and nearer. It is said that FIFA 18 add new features in the game-Dynamic Quick Subs. You are in the final goal of a match. All the power is for your favor. Of course, you only have a distance limit. Maybe you haven't prepared everything.

You are reluctant to pause the replacement. Then your teammates are also. Or maybe if they do not have time to let them awake their minds.

FIFA 18 is designed to change this. In a new feature, you can now preset a quick variant and make the game play during the game. Coverage is optional if you are without any mentality. However, if you are the kind of in the 71 games, then you can pre-set the sub.

When you play FIFA 18, you will understand why this is a big key in this year. So now you need to stock enough cheap FIFA 18 Coins to make early preparation.