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Neuer May Leave Bayern

Since joining Bayern in 2011, Neuer has been the main force of goalkeeper. At the Allianz Arena, Neuer grew into one of the best goalkeepers in the world of football. In this year's FIFA awards ceremony, Neuer was selected into the best lineup again, which was the third time.

But in a recent interview from www.imfifa.co, Neuer has revealed the idea of leaving Bayern. He indicated that he did not rule out the possibility of seeking other challenges in the future. But his contract with the team will not expire until 2019.

Neuer has been won the Bundesliga champions with the team for three consecutive years. Now the second half of the League is begining and Bayern is leading the table with 8 points advantage. But Neuer reminded the team not to be blindly optimistic as they cannot expect everything to go as they wished.

In spite of this, Neuer is still looking forward to four straight championships. In Bundesliga history, there is never a team can accomplish it. It will is their main goal, although not easy. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins.